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İzmir City travel
I have a plan to go to İzmir city where would love to go for fun. I hope will remain the best way to spend some time because heard some positive response to it. What you say in this regard. Moreover, if you have any suggestion for me then frankly can share here.
I must say that i have heard about the beauty of the İzmir city but have never been to there yet in my life. So what say guys, what kind of city is this. Gehukal, I am unaware of it but surely someone else will share something useful to us i hope so. i will watch it out after completing my niagara falls from nyc. So hope for the good.
Hope so there will be something to read about İzmir city and spend time with buddies. I would like to go there soon and hope before going there will be some helpful posts those let me make my travel time remarkable for me. I will ask friends too. If there will be something they love to discuss with you too.
My father has visited the İzmir City in the last year with his friends and had really a good time there. He visited their many places and had a great time He shared the names of its places with em after coming back. Here I am sharing those names with you,
Mount Sipylus
İzmir Clock Tower
İzmir Atatürk Museum
Izmir Mask Museum
İzmir Archaeological Museum
[Image: picgifs-hello-kitty-9575390.gif]
Alasha, I must say that you have shared such nice names here about the things like that. I will love to have such adorable time there for sure ahead soon as possible. So this will be so much amazing and best time for me to have some fun there ahead always.
This is so amazing for me to know that discussion is running here aboutİzmir City which is a famous city in turkey which attracts all travelers. I am keen to know from you guys what you like to do there and which thing is your all time favorite. Anyone like to share with us?
Alasha , Your post is really helpful for me to read about its famous places where should go being a traveler. So, added these names into my cart and will love to go for it after Flushing to Niagara falls tours to see more in my traveling life to have another excellent travel experience. Would you like to tell me here about İzmir Clock Tower?
Yes, this will be so much astonishing time for having some fun there ahead always with it. I can have such appealing time there for me to be there ahead always as it. I am gonna have such dashing time there and this will make us feel so glad for sure. So this will be so much worthwhile for us always.
Yesterday, When I share all the member conversation about this city with my uncle. Then he shared with me some attractions names of this city which he had personally visited there/ Let me share those attractions names here.
Mount Sipylus
Agora Open Air Museum
Key Museum
Izmir Mask Museum
Konak Square

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