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Hello, All
Being a  new member of this community, I am going to say

[Image: hello_medium-file3.jpg]

to all members of the board.  My name is Alasha and I am a newbie here. I have joined this community a few seconds ago and now feeling really happy to be a member of this. I am optimistic that I will have a lovely time here. Do anyone like to say m welcome here?
[Image: picgifs-hello-kitty-9575390.gif]
Alasha, being a member of this forum, I will like to say welcome to you here. I know i cam later than you, but still a warm welcome from my side. I hope it will be delighted time for you and people will have such appealing time there for sure.
Hello, Paul, It is my goodness that you liked to give a welcome to this community. I am feeling really happy to see it. I am optimistic that I have selected a good platform and hopeful it will be something really great for me to read the experiences of the other members and have a good time. Anyways, Do you share here something about yourself?
[Image: picgifs-hello-kitty-9575390.gif]
Hello Paul and Alasha, will like to say welcome to you guys here, Jhappy to have and will like to say that so sure will have a pleasant time period here. Myself Dhrook from the USA and will like to say that I am also a new member here. Recently enjoyed this forum and so excited after being a part of this.
Hey, Welcome Dhrook from the USA. I am so sure that this is gonna be so much amazing time for sure. i will like to have such appealing time for sure. i will like to be there more and more ahead as well. So thanks for it and have some fun there as well.
Alasha! It's really nice to have you here. As like you buddy I am also a newbie her a have recently joined this great forum really hope that it's really nice to all of us to being here and to make great participation in this great board
Hello, Alasha! As a member of this community, I would like to say
[Image: b985cd385ca4a0_full.gif]
in this community. I am really happy after see you here and full of the hope you will spend a great time here with all of us.
Dhrook, Paul, Zara and Brett...!!!!!! It is something really nice for me to say that you all liked to reply here while saying me warmly welcome on the board. I am happy to see this. Brett, I liked your way of welcome. now, I will say that I got a chance to see the beauty of Niagara Falls through bus from niagara falls to new york city and going to enjoy it with my friends and really glad for it.
[Image: picgifs-hello-kitty-9575390.gif]
Alasha! Its just really a great thing that you ahve got a chance to explore out teh beauty of a really nice place in the NY. I am sure that it will be really nice and so much great to have fun for sure with that.
I am happy that you like our way of welcome. i am so sure that this will be so much amazing time for you to stay here. I will say that New York city is one of the most amazing city for having some fun there and surely this will be so much amazing time for sure. i will like to be there so much.

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