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Hi from NY!
Hey Folks!

I am a newbie here and have just joined this great forum. I am Zara from NYC. I am really happy after to be the [part of thsi really great forum. So sure that it's really nice to me to being here and to make great conversation about the Turkey best places and others a lot.
I am going to say welcome to you here from my side bring a member of this community. It is a great thing you have a post here and shared something about yourself here with the community member. Like you I also joined this community recently. By the way, which kind of places you like for conversations?
Brett! It's really nice to have your reply here. So sure that its really nice to be the part of this and make really great conversations. well, Istanbul City is my most favorite destination to explore there for sure.
Hello, Zara, Nice to see you as a new participant in the community. I am Alasha from the USA. I am going to say you welcome on the board. I am hopeful that you will like to spend your time here through an active participation while sharing something really exciting and interesting from your side. By the way, Istanbul is your favorite city? Would you like to share here?
[Image: picgifs-hello-kitty-9575390.gif]
I will like to say welcome to all of you and surely this will be so much amazing time for me and will have such charming time there ahead always. i will love to have some fun there for sure ahead. It could make me feel so dashing always like that. So welcome from my side too.
Alasha and Paul! It's being really great to have both of your posts here I just really happy to see these here. surely will like to share here something great here. Well, The as you wanna know about the Istanbul, so will like to say yeah buddy, this is my favorite city to explore in turkey. It is the home to many of great places. The historical landmarks will be truly really amazing to enjoy.
I am so sure that this will be so much amazing time for me and will have such appealing time there for sure with you all, So i am reading the stuff and surely this will be amazing for me always.
Zara! It is my goodness you like my welcome post. No doubt this discussion is best for conversation. We will spend a great time here. Really nice to hear that the Istanbul City is your favorite destination. I am sure you have visited this destination lot of time in your life because it is your favorite destination. So let's tell why you like this destination?
I am so sure that this will be so much amazing time for sure. I will like to be there ahead of tours to niagara falls from boston. I will like to be there for sure and no doubt you all have so much in your minds and this will be amazing to know.
Welcome from my side to you zra.a Have a nice time here dude as members have. Do let share something about you with all of in a detail.
Anyway, paul would you like to share with all of us what exciting will you like to enjoy in Boston? I am looking for your reply.

What say aboit tours from los angeles?

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