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Marmaris Diving Points
DIVING points and features
One of the dive tourism is important with regard to Turkey there are 52 dive sites around Marmaris which can be daily and driven.
The value of the diving is kept daily from the port of Marmaris Diving some important points can be summarized as follows;

Sarı Mehmet Promontory:
Drink Orange with a nice dive spot to the resting nose and diving courses and experienced divers put between. 5 has a structure, 21 meters from the rocks with me. Diving bases is very popular at this point with lots of bream, it migrates in melanur herds. Octopus, grouper and moray eels can be seen at every dive. Very suitable for night dives and the lack of discharge, a large rock, the sweet deepening dive stood and stared, called a cavity the Cathedral Cave.

Goat Island Lighthouse:
Marmaris is directly on leaving the nose open sea is the lighthouse. In up to 38 meters of 8-10 m and is a pleasure to learn divers who dive spots. If you are lucky enough to see lots of great fish, lobsters, moray eels, octopuses, and of course you can see the red cardinal fish at every dive. Moon makes sweet and variable its anniversary to unload. Much attention amphorae draw.

Ince Burun Lighthouse:
Star Island, is located on the side of Marmaris Bay. The underwater view is slightly lower compared to offshore diving spots. 3 m to 40 m, where the underwater, diving place to have a real tropical sea view. Usually big empty and sinagrit many, many different colored sponges at this point last season makes it interesting for underwater photographers.
Also lengths of 1 cm to 4 cm in the range, but you can see in many different colors of the colorful sea rabbits noticed when the attention.

Hayıtlı Nose:
Marmaris leave the Goat Island lighthouse over your nose. Named as a divers reef anchored a simple point for boats. Both used for training purposes, as well as experienced divers can dive too much, but still found a light amphora fragments, which keep the enteresanlıg at this point. If 5 m to 38 m of 30 m on rocky ground descends you can see large grouper.

Abdi Reis Bay:
Star in the open sea side of the island, but also divers because of the clarity of the water in the aquarium is a nice point jumps they say. This point is relevant and interesting for training dives, one of the most exciting places that can be very amusing when long swimming dives can be for experienced divers. 0 m to 33 m, and usually goes in the beginning to see boulders in the fish to 12 m. Phosphorus Cave has lots of traffic because of its proximity to the sea.

Written on the rock:
Star Island is a dive site in the 30-32 m of 3 m off the coast. In general, very suitable for diving in the morning, beautiful, large rocks and that makes the point that it is the steep walls of the afternoon shade quickly. Lots of Saragoza, bream and melanur many divers greetings. The colorful insects are likely to see the direction of the cave swimming.

Fireplace Cave:
In any case, the attention of the underwater photographers, but it is a point that is not interesting enough for cave divers. Of divers, it is the most famous cave in Marmaris.
5 m to 50 m, and in formation, as well as a dive site with appeals to experienced divers. Entered from 14 m with full bownase structure with a large fireplace similar to a cave similar to a fireplace exit 4 m. Cardinal red-white striped fish rich in caves and small shrimp can be seen safely at every dive.

Aksu Bay:
Stars is the open sea side of the island. Bottom right is an exciting and deep blue. Training for those who dive into man, experienced divers and the boat will appeal to non-divers. Many fools around to enjoy with the boat in training divers anchors, the candidates for half a times are to enjoy smaller fish training. If you swim on the right a little stony a large grouper it can be seen in a wall and reaches 40 m hubs that Byzantine amphorae full nose must be seen in a hole of an 18-20 m circle at each dive.

Billet Horn:
0 m to 52 m to the bottom of the spell and although they are very suitable for wall diving, can go beyond the borders, so it must be a dive point, be more careful. Large eels and sinagrit seen at each dive as final. Moon has a variable donation its anniversary.

Galley Bay:
The widest point of Marmaris is a dive site where the rocks face the lighthouse Galley. 0 m from a fine to 38-40 m "Reefer" to have. Both the education is one of the few places they dive both experienced divers unforgettable. Here lighthouse building towards the beginning of the Hellenism amphora site of 15 m was found remains of a sunken ship. Full conditions attached to the rock because hundreds of amphorae remain on the rock. Especially if one is lucky enough to see the beginning of the season between the rocks and amphorae, it is likely to see lots of insects and crabs. In season-ending in divers, almost everyone dive a lot of greetings. You can find amphorae from these eels to be interesting for underwater photographers.
Сколько на свете не живи и не учись, всегда остаётся очень много информации и необычных фактов которые мы не знаем. Конечно же, это касается только умных людей, все остальные считают что знают абсолютно всё! В этой папке именно для вас мы собрали 26 фактов, о которых вы наверняка не знали и не слышали. Читаем и становимся эрудированнее вместе с нами.
[Image: 1501755509_2162165-33240210-37-0-1501509...661632.jpg]
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