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Turkey attractions.
Hagia Sophia 
Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Topkapı Palace 
All of these places are included into my bucket list and now will be there for sure for my niagara fall bus. i am so sure that this will be adorable time for me and this will be so much attractive time for me for sure.
Paul, It is good to know that you have added all of these names of the Turkey attractions in your cart to be around these places during your next tour of Turkey and have a good time. I am hopeful this will be really a great time for you as you can do there many exciting things to have a fun time. By the way, Which kind of things will you enjoy at Pamukkale?
[Image: picgifs-hello-kitty-9575390.gif]
Pamukkale is a truly amazing place which attracts me a lot of guys and love to add here always love to enjoy there photography and its nightlife as well. These are best things to enjoy and have an alluring time period. Let me know what will you like to say about this will see after coming back fromNew Jersey to Toronto Bus Tour.
I also would love to read about Pamukkale here and would love to see some photos too. Hope you like to share with me here and tell me which time is best to travel around. I think Dhrook can help me in this regard. Will love to read here all about it and looking for replies.

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